OK. Here's a really controversial topic. Immigration. 

I am the child of a migrant. But my mother and grandmother have always been British citizens, because they chose to be when Jamaica became independent. They have only ever held British passports, despite their place of birth. They came to the UK in the 1960s to help rebuild the country post-World War 2 and have worked hard. My grandparents have never claimed a welfare benefit and worked and saved all their lives. 

I am mixed-race. I have a white father and I have made the life choice only ever to have dated white men. As a British-born citizen I have made a lifestyle choice that does not include many of the cultural morals and values I have witnessed both here and on my disastrous trip to Jamaica last summer. But that is my personal choice and I have no problem with other people making different lifestyle choices that suit their own morals and values.

I do have a problem with people coming into Britain and trying to change it into an extension of the home they have chosen to leave. I would never move to another country and then demand that the place I have chosen to live in changes its morals and values to match mine. I do not believe that people should lie, steal, beg, threaten and cheat on their partners as a societal value. Unfortunately, my experience has shown that in rural Jamaica that type of behaviour is not just accepted but encouraged and celebrated. I am not saying that all Jamaicans do this, but in Jamaica, both in St Catherine in a rural area and in a 5* hotel in Montego Bay that this behaviour was very much in evident. I don't like it, so I choose never to return there.

I have a problem with people jumping the queue for council housing just because they are an immigrant or an asylum seeker. Indigenous British people often wait years for a social house and many will never be housed in affordable accommodation. Even when some asylum seekers are given accommodation they complain about the areas they live in. An example from the Daily Mail talks about a family wanting to move to West London because their previous area was 'too poor'. The family are claiming £8000 a MONTH in Housing Benefit. Being granted asylum is a privilege and anyone who's life is genuinely in danger in their homeland should be happy just to be safe; not making further and greater demands on taxpayer's money. 

Welfare reform will hit British people the hardest. Low-income families, the disabled and lone parents will be hit the hardest. In a climate where we are scapegoated for the financial devastation caused by the greedy rich, we cannot afford to let non-citizens drain us dry and 'demand their rights'. In the case of the family cited above, I would send them back to Somalia if they are unhappy with what we have to offer them.

I don't mind helping anyone with a genuine need. Ask any of my friends and they will concur. But I despise and detest being used and made a mockery of. If you want to be ungrateful then you know where you can go. It is not our responsibility to be spoon-feeding every hard-luck story that passes through immigration control. We must and ought to offer minimal support for those who are in genuine need to help them become worthwhile, law-abiding and tax-genrerating members of our society.

I truly believe that all immigrants that enter mainstream society MUST have enough English to hold down a job. Any children who will be entering our school system must have enough English to be able to keep up with the rest of the class before they are granted a place. It is unfair that a British child with special needs can be refused a place in a state school because they could hold back the other children, yet an immigrant with NO English cannot be refused a place in our schools even though their lack of English causes even bigger problems.

I furthermore believe that all pregnant immigrants should be assigned a social worker to ensure that any child born in Britain and that is expected to be educated here must raise their child with English as a first language and the native tongue must be the second language. Any family whose child does not have the same level of language skills at the same age as their English-speaking peers (baring special needs and disability reasons) should be put into the child protection system.

Wow! That is harsh I know but we need to take some drastic action and stop being the soft option all the time. The government are soft on non-citizens and tough on their own. The balance is completely skewed.

Immigration is healthy when it helps the economy and community. There are a lot of lazy-Brits, but there are a lot of lazy non-Brits as well. We need to make clear-cut decisions about how we are going to make immigration in Britain work. Stopping it, and mindless racism are not the answers. Perhaps some of my ideas could work or not. I dunno.

Finally I believe that anyone entering Britain without enough funds to rent privately and support themselves and a job should be housed in a new couple of tower blocks built just to filter immigrants. They should be housed there, a family to a room. They stay there for up to a year and a half. In that time they must ALL be able to communicate in spoken and written English to GCSE level. Any family member who does not pass the test should be deported and the family can choose to stay or go with them. The family must have secured paid work that will finance private rent and be able to support the family without claiming benefits. The children should be able to enter school without need for translators.

Instead of giving the families benefits, there should be a communal food area where different types of food are served and the families should prepare and serve the food to the other residents.

Criminal checks should be carried out on the families in their own countries before allowing them to mix with the general population. A social worker should be based there, along with teaching staff.

Furthermore, residents should be given citizenship classes so that they learn about British culture and values and they must all agree to abide by our cultural values and ways. 

We need to remember that although we are a multicultural society, we have a heritage that should be as respected as we are expected to respect theirs.

We should also ban the veil.

I guess there will be a lot of outrage by my views. I am not a conservative, but I do believe that something needs to be done to make Britain a place to proud of once again.
steve hilton [leicester]
26/8/2011 07:52:47 am

well miss kizzy , back in the day immigration was about ppl coming here to work , like all the asians and afro carribeans did , now its get into the uk and grab the benefits , and our stupid government and the DWP let them , how is it accepted that a polish woman can come here , give birth get child benefit and clear off back to poland and still claim for it , how can somali families feel that they are entitled to everything , they have 9 kids and bcuz they moan they cannot get around the social gives them 5k towards a people carrier .. that is true , another story regarding somalis , few years back , one arrived in leicester and within 3 days he had a flat , how , and more importantly why ?
i remember wen i got redundant in 2001 after 21yrs , i got no help watsoever , we had to sort all our finances out , mortgage being the main , benefits office just said ur partner works more than 16hrs , i had to go to the benefits office to get an emergency loan , omg i felt physically sick , full of alchys , druggies ,
in one area of leicester there is a hotel or sorry was , it housed all the immigrants algerians , iraqis , iranians , since it emptied it shut down , now in that area these same people are opening businesses - how???
wen i was first ill in 2008 , i had to go for a medical ,regarding benefit , after doing stupid exercises i was asked if i had any questions , so i said yes , ive worked 30yrs never claimed and im made to prove why im on benefit , all i got in return was i know wat ur saying but its the system .. crap
immigrants seem to be treated like first class citizens , us british are treated like 3rd class , have u also noticed the amount of mid eastern ppl being shown on crimewatch nowadays ,
only this week it stated we accepted 500,000 immigrants into this country in the last year , WHY ? we have no jobs for our own ppl ,

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